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Топик Economy in Russia - Экономика в России

The Russian is reach in natural resources in the past few years the Russia try to remove from a centrally controlled economy to a market economy. In spite of decline Russia has various branches of industry, such as metallurgical, automobile and chemical industry.

Russia is divided on 11 economic regions such as: North, North west, central, Volga, Ural.. And Asia: West Siberia, East Siberia, and the Far East. Russian s machine building industry provides most of the Federations requirement for steam boilers and turbines, electric generators, grain combines, automobiles and electric locomotives and machine tools, instruments and automation components.

Important automobile factories are located in Moscow, Н. Новгород, Ярославль Ижевск. Rus. textile industries are heavily concentrated in the European sector especially in the central region. Russian agriculture is not so developed. But some of the main crops grown on the South are wheat, fruits, on the North are wheat, barley, oats, vegetables.

Cattle breeding and pig raising make up an important branch of R. agricultural. Forests is a very important branch for Russian. But in Rus. can not use the resources more effectively. In Rus. the resources is sold as the raw materials. It is necessary to employ of manufacturing. And then we will live better.

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