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    Holiday in the USA - Каникулы в США

    In the USA different states celebrate different holidays, but everyone remembers the 4th of July, "Independence day" . On this day in 1776 America signed the Declaration of Independence. On that day people go out into the streets and take part in the parades.

    The second big American festival is Thanksgiving day. It is celebrated in November. American families meet for a special dinner, usually with turkey, pumpkin and pies. They give thanks to God for the past year, remember the first harvest of European Americans in 1621.

    Children always have fun at Halloween on October 31. They dress up as ghosts and witches. They go from house and say "Trick or Treat" . If they get a "treat" , they go away happy. But if they don't, they play a "trick" . They might put soap on the windows or throw in the garden.

    February the 14th is Saint Valentine's Day. People send valentine cards to their sweethearts of friends with words of love.

    Christmas is celebrated at the end of December. It's a religious holiday, the birth of Jesus Christ. By this day people decorate fir-trees with toys and lights. Christmas is a very busy time. People hurry to the shops to buy presents for their nearest and dearest. On New
    Year's Day most people stay up all night, even children. At midnight they go outside and shout "Happy New Year!"


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